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We’re Beat Agency.

Beat Agency has its base in Denmark and was founded in the spring 2012 by Kristian Thinning Andersen. We do not claim to be one of those labels setting the world on fire with the latest “killer” artists. Instead we are focused on releasing quality over quantity.
Let the beat go on and on…

What DJs Say.

  • "Rymdfunk - Cycle Of Life E.P."
    Supporting : Yes
    Rating : 10 / 10
    Best Mix : Return (Original Mix)
    Comment : Beautiful, L.O.V.E.I.T.! Thanks!

    James Monro
    James Monro4DigitalAudio
  • "Kris Andersen - The Love Struggle E.P."
    Supporting : Yes
    Rating : 8 / 10
    Best Mix : I Give You My Love (Original Mix)
    "I Give You My Love" is really cool, thanks!

    Aaron Bliss
    Aaron BlissHavens+Hart
  • "Rymdfunk - Winter E.P."
    Supporting : Yes
    Rating : 9 / 10
    Best Mix : Rymdfunk - Winter
    "Winter" is sick! Support!

    Lazy M
    Lazy Mcapsula | Sabotage
  • "Kris Andersen - I'm In Ecstasy"
    Supporting : Yes
    Rating : 8 / 10
    Best Mix : I'm In Ecstasy (Club Mix)
    I like "I'm In Ecstasy (Club Mix)". Full Support!

    Jaime Le’Mier
    Jaime Le’MierFull House
  • "Rymdfunk - The 1993 E.P."
    Supporting : Yes
    Rating : 8 / 10
    Best Mix : Acid Test (Original Mix)
    "Acid Test (Original)" rocks! Support!

    Anderson Noise
    Anderson NoiseNoise Music

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